Elementary School

Emergency Supplies Needed

Evergreen’s Emergency Preparedness Committee is up-dating our safety procedures at school and could use your help. In the event that your child is at school for an extended period of time, we will need some food supplies.

We are asking every student to bring an emergency food pack to school or for parents to send $5 per child so we can purchase supplies to prepare a bag for their child.  We put together sample packs and have them sitting in the window in the office.

The packs are in a gallon sized ziplock bag with the following items:

*1 Large garbage bag *Protein Source: beef sticks, protein bars, etc.  *Small bottle of water *Crackers  *Granola bars *Dried Fruit  *Fruit cups *Comfort item: family photo, note from home  *Contact information: home phone, cell phone, medical information

Please label the food pack with your child’s name.  We have children with nut allergies so, please avoid foods containing nuts.  The food you choose should have expiration dates that is June, 2018 or later. The packs will stay at school through out this school year and will be sent home in June.