Elementary School

Second Step Child Protection Unit

A New Strategy to Keep Kids Safe

You entrust your kids to us every day, so we do our best to keep them safe. That’s why, after careful consideration, we’ve adopted the Second Step Child Protection Unit. The unit is research-based and
involves training for adults and lessons for students in grades K-5.

Our whole staff has been trained regarding child protection policies and procedures to recognize indicators of abuse, respond in a supportive way, and report violations of child protection policies.

The student lesson topics are as follows:

Lesson 1: Ways to Stay SafeLesson 2: The Always Ask First RuleLesson 3: Safe and Unsafe TouchesLesson 4: The Touching RuleLesson 5: Practicing Staying SafeLesson 6: Reviewing Safety Skills

As part of the Child Protection Unit, we’ll also be sending home take-home activities and online videos that can help you reinforce skills and start important discussions with your child. We will begin these safety lessons in grades K-2 at the end of November.  3rd-5th grades will begin in April. To learn more, watch this helpful series of short videos.

http://www.earlyopenoften.org/Second Step Child Protection

This curriculum is also supported by the OSPI Washington State Health Learning Standards.  www.k12.wa.us

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Denise Doering-Burmark, Counselor


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