Elementary School


Reading is FUNdamental (RIF) Grant


This program provides books for low-income children and youths from infancy to high school age and supports activities to motivate them to read.

Title I Academic Achievement Award


Once again Evergreen Elementary has been given a Title I award by the state of Washington! We were one of 6 schools in the state to receive the Title I Academic Achievement Award. We were awarded for our efforts in our school improvement process. We have amazing teachers who put the needs of our students first. As a result our strong team efforts payed off! Congratulations to Evergreen!

Title I Distinguished School


Evergreen Elementary has been named the Washington State Title I Distinguished School for 2008-2009. We have been named for significantly closing the achievement gap in reading!

Title I Improvement Award


Evergreen was selected based upon our students performance on the WASL. We also made Adequate Yearly Performance for three years and showed improvement overall!

Title I, Part A Improvement Award


Evergreen Elementary has been selected to receive the state’s 2011 Title I, Part A Improvement Award from the OSPI (Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction) .

Our school will receive an award of $5,515 to be used to support your school’s continuing efforts to increase student academic success. Evergreen was selected based upon our students’ performance data on the Washington State Assessment. To be eligible to receive this award schools must meet the following criteria:

  1. Schools made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for three years (2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10).
  2. Schools are Title I-funded for the past three years (2007–08, 2008–09, 2009–10).
  3. Schools showed improvement overall in mathematics and/or reading proficiency and making significant gains and are closing the achievement gap.

We are very proud of our work! Congratulations to EVERGREEN!

Violence Prevention Award

Congratulations Evergreen! We have been awarded $40,000 to help fund our After Ours Program for 2011! Evergreen competed against many applicants for the 2011 Pierce County Violence Prevention Grant. With these funds we will continue to provide a quality after school program for our students. After Ours provides a safe place for our students that focuses on increased academic achievement, enrichment and social skills. WAY TO GO EVERGREEN!