Elementary School

School-wide Model

As a School Wide Model Evergreen has in place:

  • A comprehensive building reading and math plan
  • Comprehensive on going assessment
  • Blending of instruction for Title and Special Education
  • Planned "Reading Block” times per grade level (90 min)
  • A "Reading Room" where ALL students get instruction at his/her instructional level
  • Planned "Math Block" times per grade level (60 min)
  • A "Math Room" where struggling students receive extra support in the area of Computational Fluency
  • A "Walk To Math" time scheduled two times per week for Kindergarten through 2nd grade
  • Early identification of below grade level students at all grade level, specifically those K-2
  • Interventions for students who are significantly below grade level
  • Monthly SWAT meetings with classroom teachers to discuss student progress and grouping
  • Support for the classroom teacher
  • A "Reading and Math Teacher" for every child