Elementary School

Title I and Special Education

Evergreen Elementary is in its 13th year as a School Wide Title I School. With this status we have made great strides toward excellence. This past year Evergreen was honored with three Title I awards:

  • Title I School Improvement Award 2008
  • Title I Distinguished School for the State of Washington 2008-2009
  • Title I Academic Achievement Award 2009-2010

This School Wide status has given Evergreen the chance to meld programs together to best meet the needs of our students. With this status we are able to provide Title I services to 100% of our students. Our main focus for Title I services is in the area of reading based on the analysis of WASL and School-wide data. We have approximately 20% of the Evergreen population being served by Special Services.

Evergreen is very proud of our teachers and staff. Parents can request proof of a teachers/staff qualifications by contacting the Peninsula School District Human Resources office at 530-1000.